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Good Business, Strategy, Motivational Books-My Recent Reads [Aug 2022]

George Clason/Dave Ramsey The Richest Man in Babylon

Who Should Read this?

Anyone who is looking to enhance their personal and/or business financial strategy would benefit from reading this book


Absolutely, this was one of my favorite reads of all time. It's written as numerous short stories that keep you interested and give actionable lessons. Although Babylon is an ancient city, the financial principles they practiced still apply and can be very helpful today. Heard about this one from Thach Nguyen (great IG follow-great at real estate rentals/flipping)


  • 70/20/10: 70% of pay goes to living expenses/enjoyment, 20% to debts, 10% to savings

  • It's important to own assets and pay yourself

  • It's important to live within your means, but if you don't, it's never too late to get back on track

  • Taking shortcuts and just thinking you deserve everything doesn't work. Enduring hard work and taking calculated risks are a sure bet

  • Seek advice from elders, and those experienced in areas you are looking to invest

Rick Ross-The Perfect Day to Boss Up

Who Should Read this?

If you like Hip Hop or Rick Ross, and pride yourself on working hard, you'll enjoy this book. Rick Ross is an unbelievable businessman


Yes. Rick Ross is a workaholic. For anyone who enjoys the grind and the rewards it brings, you'll appreciate Rozay's story and mentality


  • There are opportunities everywhere, you can take them or you can be lazy

  • It's important to take a step back every now and then

  • It's important to set goals and not procrastinate

  • Success isn't going to come right away, you need to make sacrifices

  • Get financially smart

  • "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." -Thomas Edison

  • Don't let emotions get the best of you

  • You must continually learn

  • Actions>

  • Learn from your mistakes

Mike Michalowicz-The Pumpkin Plan

Who Should Read this?

CEO's, Business Executives, Anyone who manages clients


Yes for sure. And shout out to my friend Sam Sontag for recommending this one to me


  • Get rid of clients who waste your time and energy, especially if it's for little in return

  • If you put all of the energy into good clients, they can grow bigger and bigger

  • Lots of revenue but barely scraping by with minimal or no profits is not sustainable

  • Leverage what you're best at

  • Dominate 1 of the following 3: Quality, Price, or Convenience

  • How to fire clients: Eliminate services, prioritize the best clients, raise prices, and tell them an agreement with a larger provider is requiring to terminate for conflict of interest

  • Underpromise and over-deliver

  • "We're just one project away" if you're saying that, you need to make changes

Donald Miller/Dr. J.J. Peterson-Marketing Made Simple

Who Should Read this?

Anyone involved in marketing. CMO's, SEO's, Marketing Directors, Analysts, etc


Yes, and thank you for the recommendation, Michelle! Also you can become StoryBrand certified. These guys have developed a great process that works. This one didn't really flow for me and I disagreed with some minor items, but I still learned a lot.


  • You need to have a clear message, one-liner about what you do, a quality website/landing pages, lead generator PDF, email subscriber building, and marketing campaigns---The 5 step marketing plan

  • Your customers should think of you as a friend that helps them solve problems and survive

  • Don't tell, invite

  • Marketing is an exercise in memorization

  • Using the right words/verbiage is critical. Be clear

  • People judge quickly, a website needs to grab attention immediately

  • Obsess over customer success

  • Email marketing and executing the 5 step plan full circle is powerful

Mike Weinberg-New Sales Simplified

Who Should Read this?

Salespeople or executives looking to improve the sales process


Yes. Well written, funny, but straightforward with a lot of great tips. The guy knows what he's talking about


  • You must be proactive

  • Sales=solutions to problems/needs

  • "Sales is a verb"

  • More activity=more success

  • Targeted and narrow focus wins

  • Adapt to the buyer

  • Prepare so you can be confident

  • Always continue to learn

  • Select targets, deploy weapons, execute and attack

  • Prioritize based on value

  • You must be excited/exciting

  • Must make it easy for prospects to understand your offering

  • so much more

Greg Crabtree-Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits

Who Should Read this?

Business executives trying to make a strong push for growth and profit


Yes. This book helped me get me back into reading and inspired me with work. Thanks again to Michelle for the recommendation!


  • There will always be employee and customer headaches-if you're prepared for them transitions will be easier

  • $1M-$5M (in revenue) "Black Hole"-Get through it and you'll win

  • Revenue is for show, profit is for dough

  • Hiring the wrong people is expensive, take the time to hire with confidence

  • Employees must be profitable, sometimes you have to make hard cuts

  • Have a good accounting/tax system

  • No debt

  • Invest some of your profits

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