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Create a free QR Code with a logo in 3 min

Thank you QR Code Generator for being great!

  1. Go to

  2. Sign Up for Free, it lets you use additional features (it may redirect and take you to a different interface, the process remains the same)

  3. Select what you're linking to. For example-a website URL. You've probably noticed local restaurants doing this throughout the pandemic!

  4. Enter the link/information or upload the file you're linking to

  5. Edit the Frame, Shape, Color, and upload a logo if you want

  6. Download as a JPG or Vector

  7. You're all set!


What QR Code Generator PRO gets you + How Much It Costs

Cost: $6.05-$45.39/month, billed annually in euros

Features: More codes, more scans, better tracking, bulk creation, API requests, more users, and premium support.

Hope this serves as a helpful resource for everyone!

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