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Etsy SEO: How to Improve Product Rankings

If you create and would like to make some money from your creations, Etsy is a great place to do it.

You'll find art, wedding party gifts, and lots of other custom items you'll be happy you encountered.

According to Statista, there were 2.5 million active sellers on Etsy in 2019. Competition is lurking.

How do you get your products on top and beat the competition? That's what this blog post is all about.

Let's discuss some strategies that will get your listings ranking higher.

Strategies to Increase Visibility + Get Products Noticed

When I begin to do research, I start with information from the source. Etsy has a "Shop Improvement and SEO" article that is a great place to start. The key points they cover:

  • A great product

  • Select keywords

  • Your Etsy Shop Title

  • Your shop sections

  • your item listing pages

  • inbound links

I've compiled a list of 12 areas that can be adjusted. Those changes will be impactful to your product listings and their rankings.

1. Great product

2. Keyword targets

3. Strategic shop title

4. Strategic shop settings

5. Backlinks

6. Strategic tag(s)

7. Attribute relevance

8. Freshness/Regular Updates

9. Details/Quality of listing

10. Shop location/language

11. Strategic categories

12. Match tag + title


6 months

18 Months-No additional changes

Next Steps

We've started to generate traffic, and have data on search queries.

Reviewing search data and updating product information could be helpful to generate more traffic, and increase the changes of a sale.

More updates on the way. RC 3/14/2022




  • added stuffy headings, detailed

  • they guide you in the listing editor (ex: tell you to utilize keywords)

  • referenced high ranking products to evaluate (high review #, low review #, all components)

  • improvements made to some products 9/16/20

  • emojis used in the description

  • pushing videos

  • Promote button-ads. might have to pay a higher fee. set your budget. Keep initial budget for 30+ days for best results. more $ more visibility

  • rc 3/14 UP NEXTNext: title, categories, description. later on add videos, more details based on user-feedback. Must request reviews

  • black and white series-not stuffing titles, only updating description for a test

  • testing "abstract acrylic painting series" with the neutral older pieces of art

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