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Digital Marketing Professional

I’m Ray Cheselka. I've been working on SEO and Google Ads Campaigns for nearly 10 years. I started Ray Cheselka, LLC to help businesses grow in Denver, CO, and across the USA.

I studied Marketing & Spanish at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. There I earned my degree and met the CEO and President of webFEAT Complete, Michelle Selnick. She hired me the day before graduation in the spring of 2014 with no experience, and I will forever be thankful for that.


webFEAT Complete is my full-time job, and there we can provide a more comprehensive set of offerings including website design, hosting, and a variety of digital marketing services outside of SEO and Google/Bing Ads.

Since starting at this in 2014 I've learned that all it really comes down to is improving the bottom line and profitability. My goal with Ray Cheselka, LLC is to provide businesses with marketing services that contribute to their growth, and entire teams' improved well-being. I want the decision to invest in digital marketing to be a confident one, that is an investment, not an expense.

Over the past 9 years I've developed a deep understanding of SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and marketing strategy, I'm always learning and improving by reading books, taking certification courses, regularly keeping up with Google's changes, and more. There is still much to be learned and refined, but I know I can take a business that is virtually non-existent in the search results, and help them earn exposure, leads, sales, and ultimately growth.


I love this work. It’s rewarding, and there’s nothing better than a mutually beneficial business relationship where both parties are growing and making money.


If you'd like to discuss working together, click the contact button below.


Experience & Certifications

As mentioned above, I've been in the digital marketing industry for nearly 10 years now. In that time I've had the chance to learn, experiment, test, make mistakes, fail, and succeed. All of that has led to strong research, planning, prioritization, execution, and results for the clients I work with. I often focus on ROI, so tracking is one of the first things I set up. This way everything can be simplified down to: I did this, the result was this, and with that, you've generated X (sales, form completions, phone calls, newsletter subscribers, etc.) for the $X you spent.


I have the following certifications: HubSpot SEO, Google Ads (General), Google Ads (Search Text), Google Analytics, and woorank.

Certifications in progress: Google Ads (Shopping, Display, Video), SEMrush Academy, Hubspot Marketing (several certifications).

More will be added to the list in 2023!


This graph shows the number of search phrases ranking in the top 5 pages of search results. I tripled that number in less than a year for this client

Online Marketing that works

This graph from SpyFu provides an example of a client that benefited tremendously from the SEO work I provide. SEO can be a powerful long-term tool in itself, but when you pair it with Google and/or Bing Ads too, it can make a huge, sustainable difference.

I have plenty of examples like this for my services, but again, it all comes down to the bottom line! If I'm seeing graphs like this one and other great data, but the client is telling me they haven't seen a noticeable difference in leads/sales, something is up! I will always be ready to adapt and take accountability if performance isn't there. 

I absolutely love working to improve the online presence of businesses through digital marketing. If you feel like your website could be doing more for your business, I'd be happy to run a quick audit, and talk through the possibilities.

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