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Local SEO + Google Maps Services in Denver, CO

Want to have a presence in the search results? You're probably going to need some SEO. Optimizing your website in search requires research, implementation of best practices, great content, backlinks, great user experience, testing, and more. A great campaign is really indefinite, shooting for some initial results and ROI in the 6-12 month range. For more immediate results, consider a Google or Bing Ads campaign.

When I think of SEO, I think of goals and my process to make its concept clear:

  1. Increase a business’/website’s visibility in search (initial fundamentals, rank for branded search with a business listing, # of phrases ranking for in the top 5 pages of search results)

  2. Progress the most valuable phrases to the first page, along with other variants of these phrases, and site traffic drivers. (fundamentals, links, content, UX, etc.)

  3. Reach the top of the first page and drive conversions/results (traffic, sales, leads)


Something important to note is that I always start with thorough research (competitor, keyword/search phrases, search results) that helps me develop a strategy based on your specific goals. Outlining what will make the effort a success and how we'll measure it is another key kickoff item.


My goal is to give businesses a return on their investment. A campaign's strategies and time frame to see results are all dependent on the current state of the website, competition, and anything Google may throw into the mix. Regardless, I always prioritize the high-impact/smaller-time requirement items. I want to reach and exceed goals as soon as possible.

With hard work, some discussion, and time, results like the real example on the right can be realized.

Top Graph: # of search phrases in the top 50 search results for this domain.

Bottom Graph: Website visits generated from search results.



Ray's success is driven from his curiosity of always wanting to learn more. He's a student of the game, which leads to mastering his craft.

Mike Ganoe, Sales Representative

We have gotten some leads from the google form and some who have reached out to us through other channels. All in all, I think whatever you did worked!

Ida G, Senior Producer

What to Expect, Timeline, and Costs

Expectations, time frames, and costs are unique for every business. Everything depends on the state of your site, competition, what work needs to be done, how much time it will take, and so many other factors.


What I can tell you is that SEO needs to be done on an ongoing basis, allotting time for consistent improvement and maintenance. When you keep up with User Experience, Mobile, Content, technical and general SEO best practices, along with adapting to Google's algorithm, things can work out very well for a website.

SEO is a long-term investment. If you are willing to answer questions regarding your business, assist with content, and engage with me regularly, I will have the tools to ensure that your investment is a great one.

Say you sell a product or service that you charge $250 for. Right now, you are getting 1 lead and sale a month from the search results. If you enlist me, I want to be able to tell you that you started with 1/$250, and a year later, we increased that to 20/$5000. If you're paying $500 per month, that's a $4500 return every month. Beyond that, your website's hard work will be sustained with ongoing work and maintenan0ce.

If you're interested in what SEO could do for your business, shoot me a message! I'd love to talk it through with you.

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