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Ads are a key part to digital strategy.


They can help drive traffic and conversions while rankings are improving. They can help provide a boost at any time. They can promote your business quickly if there is a circumstance where demand will be increased.

I do not recommend doing ads on your own. There are a lot of settings that are constantly changing. You could end up wasting ad spend and taking a loss.

I can determine if Google, Bing, Yelp, or other ads will be best for your business, and run tests to find the most successful campaigns, that drive the most ROI.

Your Ad Campaign(s)-What to Expect

Before setting up any ads campaign, a lot of research will be done to make sure we have the right targeting settings in place. Along with this, I'll make sure that Google Analytics is configured to track conversions that matter to your business, so we can determine the ROI of the campaign, and improve it over time.

In the long-term, the ads should help drive leads or sales for your business as needed, and we'll know the costs to expect.

These ads can be turned on or off at any time.


Ad Costs

Ad costs will go to the card of your choice, and I will do my best to get some sort of match on the account first 30-60 days, so you can get some free testing.

The costs greatly vary depending on location targeting settings, keywords you're targeting, ad type, etc. But I'll try to give some ballparks.

Google display ads and Yelp ads are good low-cost options to generate awareness and leads for local services. $100-$150 per month is usually sufficient. For search text, expect $600-$1500+. Bing search text is less expensive due to lower volume.

How Ads are Developed

Google has numerous ad types, but all of them need a location target(s), ad copy, images, and keyword/interest group targets. Google has easy setup formats, but sometimes those limit adjustments you can make to minimize wasted spend.

Bing is the same, you can even import from Google.

Yelp promotes your page to a specific area or areas, on specific search phrases. You can further tune your campaign by adding phrases you don't want to appear on. Other paid enhancements can be added to your page, too. Images, Ad copy are all you need.

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