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Google and Bing Ads Consulting and Management in Denver, CO

Google Ads has an enormous reach. For many local service searches you'll find that there are Google Guaranteed, Search Text, or Map Pack advertisements coming up above the standard organic search results. When you're on YouTube and see ads, those are technically Google Ads too. Knowing how to leverage digital ad space to increase exposure, leads and sales can make a massive difference for a business. This is especially true if you're also running an SEO campaign. I'm Google Ads Certified and confident in my ability to deliver results.

Here are some scenarios where PPC (pay per click) may be of use:

  1. Branding/Exposure need (new businesses, product/service launch, etc.)

  2. Product/service push (seasonal)

  3. Product/service push (weak rankings/performance)

  4. Indexing issue, immediate ads up to maintain visibility


The ROI of the campaign will be dependent on goals. If you want visibility or exposure, you may measure success with costs and impressions (appearances in the search results). If you’re looking to push a product or service, we’ll want to look at conversions (reach cart/purchases) and cost per conversion. Online Sales, Form Completions, Phone Calls, 

In some cases I've found that conversion rates are higher on Bing. When this occurs, I present the high ROI opportunity of Bing Ads to my clients. Data always leads the way!

With a good audience target and best practices, you can realize results like the real examples on the right. Here are some of my Google ad strategies.

Top: Form completions vs. CPC. I increased leads and lowered the cost to acquire clients

Bottom: Conversions vs. CPC. I replaced misleading conversion tracking to track the right things and worked hard to bring CPC down.



Very responsive and sensitive to web marketing / SEO needs for our particular industry and market. It's a huge relief to have someone with the expertise and capacity to grow handling our Google Adwords / PPC campaigns.

Ben S., Product Manager

..the first SEO and Website management company that I have truly felt comfortable with. They explain what they are doing in a way I can understand. They are responsive to my questions and concerns. I am able to see the results of their work.

Steve Z, President

What to Expect, Timeline, and Costs

Regardless of the goals you have (exposure, sales, form completions, calls, etc.) I want to help you reach those goals as quickly as possible for the lowest cost possible. There is a cost for clicks with Google/Bing ads, and then I charge a management fee the depends on the size of your account and the time it will take to manage it.

At the beginning of a campaign, I can get ~$100 in ad spend after you spend $25. This helps us feel things out and gauge costs per click. Over time, I’ll do a lot of testing, adjusting and improving to make the account more efficient and successful.

The basic steps include: Research, setting up an account (campaign(s), ad groups, keywords, targets, audiences, demographics, bid adjustments, extensions, and more), and launching. From there I regularly review results, make improvements, and work towards increased conversions/sales/impressions at a lower cost.


In the end, you’ll have an account that can give your business a boost. It can be started and stopped at any time, and target anything you want it to. I frequently work with Google representatives, and love communicating results like the ones above to my clients.

If you're interested in what digital advertising could do for your business, send me a message! I'd love to talk it through with you. I can have an account up and running within days.

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